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HJ05A Enterprise Station Centralized Dispatching System

2.HJ05A Enterprise Station Centralized Dispatching System is a set of computer integrated monitoring system used by dispatchers to control and supervise signal equipment and train operation status in the command center to realize centralized control of multiple stations. Based on the railway signal computer interlocking system and the railway logistics management system, the system further extends the functions of the centralized station dispatching system, generates shunting plans by dragging or intelligent triggering, automatically prearranges the signals and executes the plans, completes the management and control integration of plan preparation and signal opening, creates conditions for the post merger of watchman and signalman, and realizes the purpose of reducing staff and increasing efficiency of the enterprise.
The system is composed of the control center subsystem and each station subsystem, and each subsystem is connected into a control network through the network transmission channel. The whole system adopts LAN based on TCP/IP protocol and computerized distributed system structure. The dispatching centralized machine and communication front-end machine adopt dual machine hot standby redundancy setting. The transmission channel between the main nodes of the network adopts the dual channel design of main and standby to ensure the security and reliability of the system. The system has complex technology and high safety requirements, which can save a lot of human resources and greatly promote the reduction of production safety accident rate and improvement of operation efficiency. It provides technical support for the first level dispatching centralization, simplifies posts and improves efficiency, and provides the basis for unmanned railway transportation.
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Automatic generation of shunting hook plan by intelligent triggering Computer aided efficient creation of shunting plan
Automatic selection of operation path Automatic opening of route and signal
Real time tracking of locomotive and vehicle Simulation and transportation efficiency evaluation
Comprehensive operation safety protection Full coverage interlocking manual operation


Product Specialities


1、Navigational path planning. The system centralizes the formulation of the operation plan and the station signal control function on a unified interface through a fast graphical drag interaction and a concise display of existing vehicles. The drag operation plan has a synchronous route display, similar to the map navigation path, which can reduce the drag direction error.
2、Continuous locomotive tracking. The system continuously tracks and displays the locomotive position in operation in real time, rather than skip tracking. It does not require the human brain to repeatedly judge the actual position of the locomotive. At the same time, it can review the position with satellite positioning data.
3、Intelligent minimum path planning. The system can model the track path of the station yard into a "directed graph" model in the computer, and use multiple algorithms such as the minimum path in the graph theory to plan the path intelligently with the locomotive running.
4、Professional case analysis. The system can conveniently and quickly establish and play scheduling task cases for analyzing accidents, analyzing complex tasks and optimizing scheduling strategies.
5、Multiple route automation modes. The system has both manual and automatic opening modes as well as semi-automatic route opening mode, which can be used in the initial running in period of the project or in occasions with complex tasks.
6、Comprehensive record analysis. The system can visually and quickly analyze locomotive running path, signal breaking, equipment failure, etc., providing a strong basis for equipment maintenance and accident analysis.
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