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GKI-33e Electronic Computer Interlocking System

GKI-33e fully electronic computer interlocking system is the key technical guarantee equipment for controlling the interlocking relationship between signals, turnouts and routes in railway stations and yards, as well as the core system for ensuring transportation safety and improving the passing capacity of rail transit railway lines and the compilation and decoding capacity of stations and yards. The system can ensure the safe and efficient operation of trains in railway stations and yards, and can be widely used in metallurgical, mining, petrochemical, port, electric power and other industrial railway plants and stations (including special lines and special railways). It has the advantages of high security, flexible system configuration, short construction period, large equipment capacity and so on.

▏First Prize of Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award
▏International highest safety integrity level SIL4 certificate
▏First set of major technical equipment in Anhui Province
▏Anhui Provincial Industrial Boutique
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Product Features


Interlocking control function Statistical report function
Graphical display of equipment status Track voltage, turnout current and other signal monitoring functions
Fault detection and diagnosis function Remote maintenance machine function
Record storage and replay function CTC, TDCS, CSM, ATC and other external interface functions
Simulation test platform and safety software test interface function  


Product Specialities


1、High security. The system design follows the principle of "fault safety", conforms to the EN501XX series of European railway signal standards and Chinese railway standards, and its core interlocking platform and full electronic execution unit have passed the highest safety integrity level SIL4 certification of an international independent third party.。
2、High reliability. The system adopts double 2-vote-2 structure, and the two systems can achieve seamless switching. The full electronic execution unit can be configured as single or double sets as required.
3、Maintainability. Hierarchical and modular design is adopted. All hardware boards have hot plug capability, which is convenient for continuous operation of the system during maintenance. The system can conduct multi-level alarm according to equipment failure, and has remote real-time intelligent centralized monitoring function.
4、Flexibility. Full electronic interface module design, realizing small volume and standardized cabinet structure, greatly reducing the space occupied by the system; The on-site construction wiring is simple, greatly reducing the complexity and time required for wiring.
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