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2022 Annual Inventory | Strengthening Specialization, Refinement, and New Core Forces Running Out of Acceleration

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(Summary description)2022 is a year of vigorous development for the High Tech at the University of Technology.

2022 Annual Inventory | Strengthening Specialization, Refinement, and New Core Forces Running Out of Acceleration

(Summary description)2022 is a year of vigorous development for the High Tech at the University of Technology.

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  • Time of issue:2023-01-16 13:48
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2022 is a year of vigorous development for the High Tech at the University of Technology.
All members of the company adhere to the development goals of "practicing the dream of high technology at the University of Technology, achieving two major development goals, advancing three types of business sectors simultaneously, improving four supporting conditions, and five main technical directions", adhere to the original intention, overcome difficulties, and actively strive for the deep integration of new generation information technology and industry technology.
Looking back this year, facing the impact of the COVID-19, we still remained tenacious, moved forward bravely, and gained a lot of gains and growth. Below, let's decode the annual transcript of the High Tech Department of the University of Technology through seven keywords, freeze those wonderful past, and take you "flash back" to 2022.
New territory, further development
In 2022, USTC High Tech has gained multiple new clients in China, achieving business coverage in all provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, and municipalities except for Hong Kong, Macao, and Tibet; In 2022, new industrial fields such as non-ferrous metal mining and processing, as well as metal processing, will have projects implemented, achieving breakthroughs.
In the macro situation that has been heavily impacted by the epidemic, by promoting the implementation of new products and continuously improving the quality and efficiency of refined services, Industrial and Technological University High Tech has obtained multiple projects with large individual amounts in the three major business sectors of intelligent mining, railway signal control and intelligent scheduling, and digital intelligent business, further expanding the market landscape of Industrial and Technological University High Tech products and technologies.
High quality delivery, practicing specialization and refinement
Pioneers and pioneers in the construction of intelligent mines
In 2022, in the "Intelligent Mines" sector, new products such as unmanned locomotive driving, intelligent assisted transportation, precise positioning, logistics tracking, whole mine network and comprehensive automation strongly support the construction of the "National Intelligent Demonstration Mine", which has been widely recognized by the market and helped national and provincial intelligent mines pass acceptance, further consolidating their industry position. Among them, the construction of the Huaihe Energy Zhangji Coal Mine's auxiliary transportation intelligent dispatch and control system, intelligent logistics management system, and single track crane locomotive unmanned driving system has achieved collaborative scheduling of underground "person vehicle material" operations. The intelligent control method has overturned the traditional people-oriented production and transportation organization mode of the mine, gradually approaching the direction of fewer people and no people, promoting the continuous transformation and upgrading of the traditional mode of mining, Comprehensively improve production efficiency by 30%.

The unmanned driving system of the monorail crane in Zhangji Coal Mine has been selected as one of the top ten innovative projects in Huai Coal Mine, becoming a new benchmark for the construction of intelligent mines in China

Defenders of Railway Signal and Intelligent Dispatch
In 2022, in the "Railway Signal Control and Intelligent Dispatching" section, new products such as fully electronic computer interlocking systems, new centralized scheduling systems, and logistics management systems have achieved good implementation results in the intelligent construction of railway stations and yards for many enterprise users, and have received unanimous praise from customers. Among them, the Zhanjiang Port (Group) fully automated intelligent railway crossing system built by Zhanjiang Port has been put into operation, achieving intelligent monitoring of 37 crossings and 9 locomotives in Xiashan and Tiaoshun Port areas of Zhanjiang Port, becoming a benchmark in the domestic port field. This project extensively integrates AI video recognition and LiDAR detection technology to detect locomotives, vehicles, and pedestrians, ensuring the safe operation of the system; By adopting technologies such as the Internet of Things and data fusion, real-time collection and monitoring of the operating status of intersections, locomotives, etc., the efficiency of vehicle traffic in the direction of railways and highways has been improved by 20%.

Zhanjiang Port Fully Automatic Intelligent Railway Crossing System

Smart business empowers the digital economy, and "numbers" write a chapter in multi industry informatization
Based on more than 20 years of technological accumulation in the industry, smart business relies on the technologies of "big data" and "artificial intelligence" to build a smart service platform with multi-party integration, data integration, real-time sharing, and coordination and linkage. The campus digitalization cloud support platform is based on cloud big data to create smart campus applications, forming a mirrored business system and new management mode of "end+cloud+big data", assisting multiple universities in building integrated research, teaching, and engineering scenarios.


This year, the High Tech Department of the University of Technology participated in creating many projects with industry benchmark significance, contributing its own strength to the safety production and intelligent transportation scheduling construction of customers in industries such as metallurgy, port, and power.

Technological innovation, leading the forefront of the industry
In 2022, the High Tech of the University of Technology deeply explored user needs and carried out a series of customized development of intelligent new products and functions.
The intelligent dispatch and control system for transportation, with underground intelligent auxiliary transportation as the core, integrates technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things, 5G, WIFI6, etc., and revolves around intelligent and collaborative operations of equipment such as ground rail locomotives, monorail shunting, rubber wheel vehicles, beam cranes, and mining machines. At the same time, it integrates personnel management and material management to achieve collaborative control of underground moving targets. Through customer use, it solves the problem of multiple sets of business parallel systems forming information islands The issue of management redundancy has been addressed, achieving "one screen view and interconnection", comprehensively promoting the intelligent construction of mines, and promoting high-quality development of mines.

Intelligent scheduling and control system for transportation

Research and develop new remote intelligent operation and maintenance products of industrial Internet architecture, use edge computing, Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, complete the first phase construction and online operation of GOCOM global customer center cloud service platform, focus on equipment fault diagnosis and prediction, online operation monitoring and other scenario needs, cultivate new industry formats, and develop new performance growth points of the company.

GOCOM Global Customer Center Cloud Service Platform Opened to the Outside World

In 2022, USTC High Tech adheres to the principle of "not only scientific and technological innovation, but also continues to make efforts in a number of national and provincial-level science and technology projects.
The project of "Key Technical Equipment and Systems for Intelligent Transportation in Mines" was approved as the leader of the innovation task of the artificial intelligence industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. This project is a joint application between the High Tech Department of the University of Technology and Hefei University of Technology. It will fully leverage the technological accumulation of both parties in fields such as artificial intelligence technology, high-speed wireless communication technology, high-precision real-time positioning technology, and industrial railway intelligent scheduling. It will study the collaborative transportation and control of multiple equipment in mines, unmanned driving technology, and further promote technological progress in the field of intelligent mining construction.
The national "13th Five Year Plan" key research and development plan "Research and Demonstration of Key Technologies for Large Scale Unmanned Mining of Underground Metal Mines", which mainly participated in the research, has successfully completed the acceptance. Among them, I served as the project leader unit in the fourth project "Safety Control System and Technology for Underground Unmanned Operation Area", achieved many technological innovations, and successfully passed the expert acceptance with high scores.

Project acceptance diagram

In 2022, the intellectual property work of the High Tech Institute of Technology achieved significant results, with rapid growth in core indicators, new achievements in reform and innovation, new achievements in management efficiency, and new breakthroughs in collaborative development.
In 2022, 11 invention patents were applied for and 15 invention patents were authorized by the University of Technology, a year-on-year increase of 25%. Selected for two patent intensive product certifications in Hefei with high scores, ranking 2nd and 11th respectively; Successfully passing the review of national intellectual property demonstration enterprises is a full recognition of the company's comprehensive development strength, including technological innovation ability, research and development technology strength, intellectual property protection strength, and specialization level; Won 1 Anhui Provincial Patent Award.
In 2022, the experience and practices of the High Tech Department of the University of Technology in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements were highly recognized by the provincial government.
At the request of Secretary Zheng Zhajie of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee, Professor Wei Zhen, the chairman of the company, submitted a proposal titled "Reflections on the Reform of the Anhui Science and Technology Achievement Transformation System", which received high approval from Secretary Zheng Zhajie and instructed special discussions; Zhang Hongwen, a member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Vice Governor of Anhui Province, and his delegation made a special trip to the University of Technology for a discussion and research on the reform of the transformation system of scientific and technological achievements in Anhui Province. They highly recognized the company's achievements in the fields of intelligent mine construction, railway signal control, and intelligent dispatch.

Zhang Hongwen, a member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Vice Governor of Anhui Province, and his delegation went to the University of Technology for a symposium on the reform of the transformation system of scientific and technological achievements in Anhui Province

Join hands to build a harmonious ecosystem
In 2022, USTC High Tech has reached a strategic partnership with domestic universities and well-known enterprises, hoping to achieve mutual benefit and collaborative development.
Huawei and University of Technology have reached a full agreement to work together in the field of intelligent mining, based on the intelligent mining solutions of the Hongmeng Ecological Mine, to jointly tackle the core key technologies in the construction of intelligent mining and promote the construction of intelligent mines.

Zou Zhilei, Chairman of Huawei Coal Mine Legion, and His delegation Visited High Tech University of Technology

Management empowerment and stable operation
In 2022, USTC High Tech will take compliance management as an important strategic measure to empower the company's high-quality development. We will comprehensively promote the construction of a compliance management system, adhere to the principle of creating value through compliance, and take "full coverage, monitoring, analysis, and response" as the guiding ideology. By weaving defense lines, optimizing processes, and strengthening supervision, we will fully enhance the company's compliance control capabilities.
This year, the company has continuously revised and improved various management systems in accordance with the requirements of the Company Law, Securities Law, and other relevant laws and regulations, normative documents, etc., and has been closely following the latest industry trends and regulatory requirements. It is gradually improving its corporate governance structure that meets the requirements of modern enterprise systems; Strengthen internal control compliance management and integrate it into all aspects of company management throughout the entire process. At the same time, we will strengthen "pre prevention" and "in process control", focus on key areas and links, closely integrate compliance management with risk control, improve control effectiveness and management efficiency, and empower enterprises to operate steadily through diversification.


Honor moment, highly recognized
The continuous investment in R&D and innovation in 2022 has won a series of awards and honors for the high tech industry of the University of Technology: ranking on the "2022 Top 20 Coal Information Technology Enterprises" list of the China Coal Industry Association, winning the Anhui Province Patent Excellence Award, and winning four awards in the national high-tech zone: "Science and Technology Innovation Financial Leading Award - Listing Star Award, Brand Honor Demonstration Award - Brand Creation Award, Brand Honor Demonstration Award - Pilot Demonstration Award, and Stable Chain and Stable Production Pioneer Award - Use Model Award"; Selected as one of the "Top 10 Comprehensive Development Capabilities" and "Top 10 Innovation Capabilities" in the "Anhui Listed Company Series Rankings" (The "Anhui Listed Company Development Report (2022)" and the Anhui Listed Company Series Rankings were released in 2018, aiming to provide a comprehensive description and in-depth analysis of Anhui listed companies, and to comprehensively evaluate listed companies in our province from five dimensions: performance development, innovation capability, operational capability, ESG performance, and investment and financing level)

2022 Top 20 Information Technology Enterprises in the Coal Industry


Building a cultural system and fostering cohesion
In 2022, Industrial and Technological University High Tech will strive to create a corporate culture system that aligns with the company's development goals and keeps up with the times. Its core values will strengthen the recognition, consensus, and responsibility of industrial and technological university high tech personnel, enhance employees' sense of belonging, achievement, and value expression, undertake more social responsibilities, and strive to become an excellent science and technology innovation board listed enterprise with higher technology, stronger strength, outstanding main business, excellent performance, and modern management.
Looking back at 2022, our gains cannot be separated from the strong support of our partners and the hard work of every high tech person at the University of Technology. Thank you for your colleagues in 2022. Next stop, let's unite and start again, and work together to create a better future!

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Recently, the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association announced the winning information of the 2023 "China Nonferrous Metals Industry Science and Technology Award". The project of "R&D and Application of Large-scale Unmanned Mining Technology, Equipment and Control System for Underground Metal Mines" developed by the University of Technology won the first prize.

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Recently, the Anhui Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology announced the "List of the First Set of Major Technical Equipment in Anhui Province in the Fourth Batch in 2023", and the "Monorail Crane Unmanned Driving System" independently developed by the University of Technology Hi-Tech was successfully selected.

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