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HJ12A Torpedo Tank Tracking Management System

6.HJ12A torpedo tank tracking management system realizes the position tracking of locomotive and torpedo tank through the combination of electronic tag and track circuit technology. The system can not only meet the real-time requirements of positioning and tracking, but also realize automatic matching of torpedo tank status, realizing the whole process information, automation and visualization of hot metal transportation and allocation. In view of the hot metal transportation switching process, the system takes the torpedo tank as the carrier, integrates data information such as iron making, steel making and metering, builds the interface between the torpedo tank tracking system and the iron steel MES system, and realizes the integration of the torpedo tank's iron receiving, switching transportation, and steel making and iron connection information. The application of the system can further reduce the heavy tank transportation time, reduce the temperature drop of molten iron, improve the turnover rate of the torpedo tank, and promote the iron steel balance.
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Product Features


Interlocking control function Statistical report function
Real time display of torpedo tank operation status and hot metal operation information Relevant configuration management of torpedo tank and basic information management of hot metal operation
Monitoring and early warning function of torpedo tank operation related indicators Statistical analysis of torpedo tank operation/transportation volume, torpedo tank turnover rate, hot metal temperature drop, and heavy tank transportation time
Record storage and replay function Historical data replay function


Product Specialities


1、Real time precise positioning. The electronic tag identification+track circuit calculation technology is adopted to locate the locomotive and torpedo tank car in the way of multi data fusion, so as to ensure that the location will not be lost when the single technology is limited.
2、Visual dynamic monitoring. The operation information of torpedo tank is dynamically monitored in the form of microcomputer interlocking station diagram or GIS diagram, and the station equipment status, locomotive and torpedo tank car position, empty weight of torpedo tank and other information are displayed on the unified monitoring interface.
3、Multi condition alert information. Early warning parameters can be configured for torpedo tank transportation time, torpedo tank use times, empty weight status of torpedo tank, and molten iron temperature drop, and real-time alarm can be given when conditions are met.
4、Intelligent decision support. According to the actual monitoring data, as well as the prediction model of iron making and steel making time, combined with the use of the station track circuit and the time consumption of the production process, the transportation and allocation of torpedo tanks can be analyzed, and empty and heavy tank scheduling plans can be formulated to provide intelligent decision support.
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