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With the progress of science and technology, the purpose of science and technology serving people will not change. Driven by the development of technology, all walks of life have undergone great changes from process and link to service and quality. From the past outdoor information integration to the current indoor location information analysis, they are guiding the direction for the development of new business forms on campus. In the future, the intelligent campus system will become the mainstream, and the perfect management system, safe protection system and rich communication system will greatly increase people's trust and recognition of the campus. The development from digital campus to smart campus is the inevitable result of the in-depth practice of the people-oriented concept in the campus field and the popularization of new technologies such as the Internet of Things in the campus, and it is the development trend of campus information construction. We put forward the smart campus development model of smart campus = digital campus + Internet of Things + cloud computing. It is bound to greatly promote the development of the digital-centered "Suyu campus and human-centered" smart campus. In accordance with the requirements of the national digital power, relying on "big data" and "artificial intelligence" technology, the University of Technology has built a digital cloud support platform, providing users with efficient and powerful services to make the smart campus smarter and more convenient
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