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Smart government solutions

According to the requirements and characteristics of smart government affairs, UIT adheres to the concept of digitalization, integration and wisdom, and combines the latest information technology and means to build a smart service platform of multi-party construction, data integration, real-time sharing and coordination, so as to realize the dynamic update and timely retrieval of working materials and results of project units, government departments and technical institutions. We will improve the basic information base of population and the basic information base of legal persons. On this basis, we will build a smart and service-oriented government with "open government affairs, networked approval, responsibility traceability, and smart decision-making". Accurate research and rapid advancement of approval routes and key nodes. The plan includes basic network deployment, but also covers all aspects of three-dimensional security planning, government cloud computing construction, and government collaborative work. In the whole new IT construction, the cloud network integration is used as the infrastructure to support the data access and transmission at the bottom, the service interworking at the top, and the data processing of the service platform, which can simultaneously ensure the efficient operation of massive business data, the smooth evolution of network resources and security criteria, and the application-oriented definable changes on demand.
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