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KJ293 (A) Monitoring System for Mining Rail Transportation

10.KJ293 (A) mining track (including lifting rail locomotive) transportation monitoring system is a distributed industrial control system for harsh environment. With the secondary computer network as the core, the system can monitor the rail transportation of the mine in the ground master control room, and display the position, train number, signal light, turnout status and section occupation of each train in the mine in real time at the dispatching terminal. The dispatcher can master the locomotive operation status in real time, and the operating system can automatically analyze and dispatch, so as to command the safe and efficient operation of the train.
The system can reflect the working status of all equipment and sensors at any time, and can automatically diagnose and alarm faults, record the data of operation process, and generate management reports and train cycle diagrams.
The system occupies more than 80% of the domestic market, which is the basis of unmanned driving system and vehicle material tracking system. Based on this product, gocom took the lead in revising the national standard Code for Design of Underground Locomotive and Vehicle Transportation Signals in Coal Mines (GB50388-2016), stipulating that qualified mines need to use locomotive transportation monitoring systems.
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Product Features


Basic locking function Visual monitoring function
Rich dispatching functions Fault diagnosis function
Locomotive precise positioning and speed measurement function Refusal function of turnout passing
Lost car detection function Voice prompt and alarm function
Replay function Statistics management function
Online detection function Information sharing function


Product Specialities


1、High security. From software fault tolerance to hardware circuit design and implementation, the idea of fault safety is integrated. The track axle counter with independent intellectual property rights is used as the core sensor. The section division is rigorous and reliable, with technical safety assurance measures such as turnout section safety locking and vehicle passing refusal, which fundamentally avoids the potential safety hazard of adjacent track misjudgment of locomotive and vehicle position.
2、High reliability. The intelligent flexible scheduling algorithm is adopted to solve the uncertainty problem in the dynamic target tracking. The dynamic link of the driving path and the signal interlocking relationship are adaptively matched. Reliable automatic scheduling is realized. The system has strong fault tolerance by adopting appropriate redundancy, anti-interference, error correction and fault location program design.
3、Maintainability. The system is a hierarchical building block structure, with software program data separation, which is suitable for mines of different scales. The hardware is board and card component level maintenance. The system is easy to expand, transform and maintain, and adapt to the constant changes of transportation routes.
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