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2023 trip to Changbai Mountain for high-tech staff

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(Summary description)Let's go! Let's go! Body and mind always have one on the way. Three years, although the soul from the end to stop exploring, but this time we want to body and mind together, walk to see the world!

2023 trip to Changbai Mountain for high-tech staff

(Summary description)Let's go! Let's go! Body and mind always have one on the way. Three years, although the soul from the end to stop exploring, but this time we want to body and mind together, walk to see the world!

  • Categories:News
  • Author:
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  • Time of issue:2023-10-12 17:18
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  Let's go! Let's go! Body and mind always have one on the way. Three years, although the soul from the end to stop exploring, but this time we want to body and mind together, walk to see the world!

  In the past August and September, organized by the company's trade union, the high-tech employees of the university of Technology were divided into three groups and experienced a six-day trip. This is a visual impact, but also a trip to the tip of the tongue. During the six-day trip, we walked through the historic Changchun Manchu Palace Museum, were lucky to encounter the beautiful panorama of the Changbai Mountain Tianchi, experienced the rich and diverse culture and cuisine of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, and looked across the Tumen River to the mysterious country of the Korean city of Namyang.

  The company provides a rare opportunity for employees to combine work and rest, throw themselves into the embrace of nature and culture, and feel the magic charm of nature and the profound cultural heritage of China.

  I believe you will have a lot of good memories during this trip!

  Let's have a look!



  The white mountains are high


When the side window of the plane gradually became clear, the clouds we passed through seemed to be a moment of transition in the feast of light and shadow. In a short time, we became the present, and the past was hidden in the clouds. Thinking about it, I always felt that I had a little Buddha nature.

As Haruki Murakami said in the novel, "The moth left the girl, and in the mottled sunlight, the girl seemed older."

Looking past along the window edge, the wing is further away, it is the northeast sunset in late summer and early autumn, this color is deep and bright, stretching away, we finally arrived at Changchun Longjia Airport.

From Hefei, Anhui Province to Changchun, Jilin Province, more than 1,700 kilometers, the journey of the company's group construction, but also belongs to its own, it reminds me of a fable: out-of-focus horse.

This horse, it never stopped, kept running and running, until the onlookers lost their focus on it, until it also ran to find itself.

It was nice to stop for a while and take a break from the hustle.

Changchun, a city that appears in the years, its streets show a kind of warm spirit in the sunset. In the evening beside the hotel, the wind was very cold, turned back to the shop, the boss was very enthusiastic, I asked for a bottle of old snow, the boss was very happy, he knew I was one of his own.

I lived in Shenyang for four years, not a bad four years. And these days Northeastern University is preparing for the centennial, if not to Jilin, I may ask for leave flash Shenyang, and old friends and old classmates taste the celebration time, then of course, a few bottles of old snow.

Now it is good, I am always in the northeast of the land, open a bottle of old snow. On the first day I came to Jilin, I opened a bottle of Northeast old snowflakes, and touched a cup not far from my Alma mater, and wished him a happy birthday.


Two kilometers above sea level Changbai Mountain, two kilometers above sea level Tianchi, I took my camera, all the way to record, I have seen the porter in the mountain city of Chongqing, it is also an autumn, the light of the autumn, cold and clearly isolated the lollipop and tourists. Just like the cool and clear wind on the 1,400 steps leading to Tianchi, they separated the bearers of the sedan chairs from us on the other side.

"Sinderle! Sinderle!"

The bearers shouted again and again.

Later I asked them what it meant, they said it was too tired, too tired, the passenger is Korean, have to learn a few words of Korean.

Later, I followed the footsteps of my colleagues and finally came to the top of the mountain. Today, I was lucky enough to see Tianchi. A friend said to me, "What are you doing? I'm looking for you. I said I was taking pictures, and I saw Tianchi. He told me about Tianchi to make a wish, did you make it? I thought about the sedan bearers, who were tightly wrapped in windbreakers, and we could easily guess the meaning of the beads of sweat under their short sleeves.

"Sinderle! Sinderle!"

I close my eyes, can only wish that all men are created equal, the world peace.

Leaving Changbai Mountain, we went to Yanji and Tumen River, eating Korean barbecue while watching North Korea across the river.

"The telescope twenty-one times! You can see North Koreans taking a shower and washing clothes!"

The man by the river is working hard to sell his products.

Then we came to the Korean style street and the North Korean border wire fence, while watching the South Korean aunt uncle next to buy coffee, while lying under the iron railings to take pictures of North Korea.

Yanji is a resort for Koreans who want to live here and gorge on their country's expensive roast pork belly, while in Changbai Mountain, many Koreans come to find their roots, unable to go to North Korea, so they come here.

I also found that most Korean tourists who come to Yanji or Changbai Mountain are in their 60s and 70s, and they rarely meet young Koreans who speak Korean. I ventured to jump to some hasty conclusions, such as that most of the people who went to Fujian were Taiwanese old people, and the young people there had almost forgotten history, at least not induced history. Taiwan has a very famous forum called PTT, a lot of active young people, I watched them talking and dancing on the network, I think we are very far away, far away like the water of the Taiwan Strait into a river, a stream, the sea water in the middle of the dump, we drift to both sides. It is like stretching the peaks of Mount Baekdu across each other, with young North Koreans at the top and young South Koreans in the valley.

I did not go to take pictures in the Tumen River national boundary mark there, where there are a lot of pavilions, which say "I miss you here", "the Tumen River wind blew down here", but I am still thinking of Changbai Mountain here.

Changbai Mountain is like the Berlin Wall that will never fall, so everyone comes to Tianchi and can only make a wish.


In the blink of an eye, we spent six days and five nights in distant Jilin.

In addition to the above places, we also went to Changchun Film and Television Museum, it is really worthy of the name of the museum, Changchun filmmakers spent a lot of effort and enthusiasm to establish it, I have always believed that the film art is a collection of human art, Changying can almost represent the entire film industry in the early days of the founding of China, just like some moments in the Luoyang Museum, I feel that it can represent the flourishing Tang Dynasty of the Chinese nation. So I happily bought a cultural refrigerator sticker, Changying logo will be with Tianchi, squirrel deer, become my mnemonic.


As the night wore on, I stared at my phone screen, trying to write something, but couldn't concentrate.

Right now, I'm 10,000 meters up. The same is the cloud outside the window, when I passed through the clouds, the clouds changed from greeting to parting, then I was back to the past a few days ago.

Or maybe there is no such thing as the same cloud.

So in the sense of the timeline of human physics, I took a few steps forward.

  Product Technology Center: Li Jianyu


  Six day tour of Jilin


Clutching the "tail" of the summer vacation, with the "east wind" of the company's welfare, our family of four started this trip. When the wind comes, it is better to chase the wind, and we came to Jilin Province, one of the "three Eastern provinces".

To meet the first stop is the "spring city of the North" - Changchun, to meet us is a "bandit dish", opened this "delicious" trip.




The shame recorded in the imperial Palace of the puppet Manchu located in Changchun cannot be washed away, and we and our descendants must rise up. Every step in the Changying Museum is a sense of honor and full of pride. The pleasant rafting on the Songjiang River and the Cheonji Lake of Changbai Mountain, with the 1442 steps leading to the Cheonji Lake and the solemn boundary monument No. 37 at the top, leave a deep impression of the North. Standing at the bridge on the border of China and North Korea, the majestic entrance feels proud from the bottom of my heart, and the strength of my motherland is a strong backing. People taking photos in the folk garden are laughing and joking. The network red wall in front of Yanbian University must also "visit here", and must eat a meal before leaving Tumen.




Two children get up in the morning difficult, every day in the eyes of everyone late, sorry, delay everyone a lot of time.

Thank you for the welfare of the company and wish the company a thriving performance.


Railway Department: Zhang Tao




Changbai Tianchi Show,

The canyon is beautiful. Yanji net red wall,

A Korean garden.

The country is majestic and stands on the frontier.

You can't get enough of the sights, you can't get enough of the food.

Both body and mind are happy, worthy of this life.


  Manufacturing Inspection Center: Zhen Shuan



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