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Character Interview | Yang Wei: Let the Light of Craftsmen Lead the Way of Progress

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Character Interview | Yang Wei: Let the Light of Craftsmen Lead the Way of Progress

(Summary description)

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  • Time of issue:2023-04-28 17:09
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  Character Interview | Yang Wei: Let the Light of Craftsmen Lead the Way of Progress

  From a frontline worker to a core technical backbone, Yang Wei, Assistant to the President of Hefei University of Technology High Tech Information Technology Co., Ltd. and General Manager of the Railway Transportation and Logistics Technology Division, was named "Anhui Craftsman" by the Anhui Provincial Federation of Trade Unions in 2022.



  Yang Wei always insists on being down-to-earth and never forgetting his original intention. In his heart, life is endless and dedication is endless. Build dreams with craftsmanship, live up to the youth, write one's own research life with youth and passion, decorate the original intention with full love, and contribute to the high-quality development of the High Tech of the University of Technology with the spirit of striving for excellence and craftsmanship.

  Diligent in thinking and daring to innovate

  Since joining the company in 2003, Comrade Yang Wei has always adhered to the front line of technology research and development. Participated in the writing of one scientific and technological monograph, published one scientific and technological paper, and won the "Anhui Province Science and Technology Progress First Prize" in 2020, with 18 authorized invention patents. His main research direction is computer applications and software engineering, responsible for the design, development, and delivery of leading products in the company's railway business sector. For many years, the company has adhered to the concept of independent innovation and brand development. Yang Wei has always actively responded to the company's call, utilized his own advantages, maintained innovative vitality, and focused on the research, application, and promotion of integrated technology for railway intelligent transportation scheduling and control.


  Dedicated to work without fear of difficulties

  In daily work, Comrade Yang Wei has always been at the forefront of work, diligent in thinking, good at thinking, and never withdraws when encountering difficulties and problems. He travels around the country for two-thirds of the year, delving deeply into various project sites. In recent years, he has organized and been responsible for the research and development of the company's main informatization products, the railway transportation dispatch command information system, and the integrated railway transportation dispatch and control system. He has successfully applied it to multiple steel companies such as Nangang, becoming a benchmark project in the industry. The system fully supports the automation of shunting routes, can realize the decentralized and autonomous centralized dispatching control of multiple interlocking stations, realize the one-time opening of cross station routes and the automatic handling of inter station interlocking circuits, reduce the signal dispatching processing links, reduce the work intensity of dispatchers, and improve the accuracy of plan formulation.


  In response to the difficulty in controlling the temperature drop of iron in railway transportation for metallurgical enterprises, an intelligent control system for iron water tanks has been organized and developed, achieving full informatization, automation, and visualization of iron water transportation and allocation. The application of these new products has created huge benefits for industrial enterprises to reduce personnel and increase efficiency. True dedication is ordinary and unremarkable. He has never spoken grandiose words, but is using his actual actions to fulfill his promise of youth.

  Craftsmanship builds dreams without sacrificing youth

  Being awarded the title of "Anhui Craftsman" for the year 2022, Yang Wei said, "Maintaining a steadfast and enthusiastic spirit of dedication, enhancing the pursuit of a career beyond oneself, strengthening the sense of selfless responsibility, striving for excellence, and striving for excellence are the essence of the craftsman spirit. To vigorously promote the craftsman spirit, it is necessary to praise the craftsman sentiment, cultivate a craftsman culture, and lead workers to take on great responsibilities, accomplish great things, and achieve great success in their industry and field Make great achievements.

  The selection of "Anhui Craftsmen" adheres to the principle of facing the grassroots and frontline, aiming to deeply promote the reform of the construction of the industrial worker team in the new era, and focus on cultivating a group of highly skilled talents who embody the spirit of craftsmanship, master superb skills, unleash the spirit of craftsmanship, and make outstanding contributions, in order to provide guarantees for the construction of a province with strong craftsmanship and manufacturing capabilities. Through procedures such as local application, expert evaluation, provincial collective research, and social publicity, strict selection and selection of the best among the best have been carried out to truly select craftsmen who have made outstanding contributions to promoting high-quality economic and social development.

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