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Core technology

Core technology

Security and reliability technology

Safety integrity technology of railway signal
Fail-safe design technology
Detection technology of all electronic high safety grade rail transportation system equipment condition
Integrated safety control technology of mine electric/pneumatic switch machine
Debugging technology combining real environment and virtual simulation
Automation technology for the production process of safety-related products

Intelligent perception and control technology

Precise positioning technology in industrial environment
Unmanned control technology of industrial railway shunting operation and hot metal transportation
Intelligent train automatic monitoring technology
Mine locomotive driverless technology track target AI detection technology
On-line detection and analysis of vehicle and field equipment faults Automation technology for the production process of safety-related products

Industrial control software technology

Industrial railway logistics automation software design technology
GIS map generation technology of industrial railway
Scheduling technology of mine transportation monitoring system
Integrated technology of mine integrated automation information system

Industrial communication and network technology

Secure redundant communication technology for control system bus
Vehicle-to-ground communication technology for complex environment

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