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Underground narrow gauge


以高可靠信号控制与智能调度产品 保障安全,提质增效<br> 国内前十大煤矿集团中应用八家<br> 国内前十大冶金矿山集团中应用七家<br> 核心产品<br> 以KJ293(A)矿用轨道运输监控系统为核心,通过构建多网合一的矿山井下高速信息传输通道,采用先进的工业物联网技术,在矿井综合自动化平台的基础上,将井下机车、人员、胶轮车、矿车、物料、设备等移动对象的目标身份识别、移动轨迹跟踪、联锁协同控制、运行状态监测、流转过程管理、设备信息交互、远程信息发布等功能综合集成,实现统一技术平台下的矿井移动目标综合安全监控与信息管理。系统预留5G接口,未来可以无缝融入5G系统。<br> KJ293(A)矿用轨道运输监控系统<br> KJ303(A)煤矿人员管理(精确定位)系统<br> KJZ16矿井胶轮车运输监控系统<br> KJZ17矿井车皮物料自动跟踪及管理系统<br> KJZ33矿井机车车辆运输智能调度指挥系统<br> KJZ20矿井综合自动化系统<br> KJZ21矿井轨道电机车无人驾驶系统<br> KT621矿用无线通信系统<br>
KJZ21/KJZ22 mine track electric locomotive unmanned driving system
KJZ21/KJZ22 mine track electric locomotive (including monorail crane) unmanned driving system is a set of obstacle avoidance technology based on AI vision, Lidar, inertial navigation, for underground low light, high humidity explosive environment of mining locomotive unmanned driving system, the product obtained the national energy field and Anhui Province's first (set) major technical equipment identification. The system takes high-speed wireless communication and industrial network as the transmission platform, KJ293(A) mining rail transportation monitoring system as the safety support, and combines the technology of locomotive positioning and navigation, vehicle attitude monitoring, underground environment perception, intelligent control of locomotive and safe operation and adjustment. With locomotive autonomous obstacle avoidance, automatic start and stop, intelligent monitoring, safe driving control, remote ore drawing, automatic ore allocation and other functions, can achieve the whole process of locomotive transportation (ore, material loading, transportation, unloading) driverless.
KLX8LM(A)KLX6LM(A) Intrinsically safe information mining lamp
This type of safety information mining lamp is used for coal mine underground portable lighting, with personnel accurate positioning, sound and light warning, video photography functions. Can be used in high gas and other places requiring mobile lighting.
KJ293 (A) Monitoring System for Mining Rail Transportation
10.KJ293 (A) mining track (including lifting rail locomotive) transportation monitoring system is a distributed industrial control system for harsh environment. With the secondary computer network as the core, the system can monitor the rail transportation of the mine in the ground master control room, and display the position, train number, signal light, turnout status and section occupation of each train in the mine in real time at the dispatching terminal. The dispatcher can master the locomotive operation status in real time, and the operating system can automatically analyze and dispatch, so as to command the safe and efficient operation of the train.
The system can reflect the working status of all equipment and sensors at any time, and can automatically diagnose and alarm faults, record the data of operation process, and generate management reports and train cycle diagrams.
The system occupies more than 80% of the domestic market, which is the basis of unmanned driving system and vehicle material tracking system. Based on this product, gocom took the lead in revising the national standard Code for Design of Underground Locomotive and Vehicle Transportation Signals in Coal Mines (GB50388-2016), stipulating that qualified mines need to use locomotive transportation monitoring systems.
KJ303 (A) Coal Mine Personnel Management (Precise Positioning) System
11.KJ303 (A) Coal Mine Personnel Management (Precise Positioning) System is mainly used for positioning management and dispatching of underground miners and mobile equipment, and is applicable to various harsh environments with gas or dust explosion risks. The system can carry out real-time high-precision positioning, path tracking and regional limited personnel management for coal mine personnel, so that managers can clearly grasp the precise position and activity track of each person in the mine at any time. In case of a disaster, you can also immediately inquire about the accurate location and distribution of miners at the accident site, the number of trapped people, people in distress and mobile equipment evacuation lines and other information, so as to provide a scientific basis for accident rescue. The system realizes the "precise space-time positioning" and real-time position tracking of mine underground miners, and has the functions of call for help alarm linkage, simulation animation playback, list display and mobile terminal monitoring management.
KT621 Mining Wireless Communication System
12.KT621 mining wireless communication system is an integrated information system integrating voice, image and data transmission. Wired communication supports 10 gigabit Ethernet optical port and 100 gigabit electric port communication. Wireless communication adopts IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac/ax protocol, which supports fast roaming and switching of mobile targets across base stations. The dispatching center can realize voice, image and data communication with underground mobile terminals, and can realize communication dispatching for mine operators through a dedicated dispatching console.
KJZ21 Mine Track Electric Locomotive Unmanned Driving System
KJZ21 mine track electric locomotive (including monorail crane) driverless system is a set of mine locomotive driverless system based on AI technology and facing low illumination and explosive environment underground, which has been recognized as the first major technical equipment in the national and Anhui Province energy field.
The system takes high-speed wireless communication and industrial ring network as the transmission platform. KJ293 (A) mining rail transport monitoring system as the safety support, uses the precise positioning technology of underground locomotives, image recognition processing technology and locomotive safety operation and debugging technology, combining with the mine safety production and transportation integrated monitoring system under the intelligent control of electric locomotive, which can realize the unmanned driving operation in the whole process of material and ore loading and unloading of electric locomotive.
KJZ16 Mine Rubber tyred Truck Transportation Monitoring System
14.KJZ16 mine rubber tired vehicle transportation monitoring system is a distributed industrial control system for harsh environment. With the secondary computer network as the core, the system monitors and dispatches the rubber tired vehicles in the underground transportation lanes and parking lots in the ground master control room, so as to ensure the safe and orderly movement of rubber tired vehicles, prevent the occurrence of malignant accidents such as rear end collision, rushing, side impact and collision, effectively reduce the occurrence rate of transportation accidents, reduce the congestion, idling, frequent backing and other phenomena of rubber tired vehicles, and greatly improve the transportation efficiency of rubber tired vehicles.
The system can monitor the running track of underground rubber tired truck in real time, and has such functions as accurate vehicle positioning, interval signal locking, traffic information guidance, speed limit alarm and vehicle management to effectively prevent accidents.
The system configuration is flexible, and it is suitable for large, medium and small types of mines, places with gas or coal dust explosion hazards, damp environments and so on.
KJZ17 Automatic Tracking and Management System for Mine Wagon Materials
15.KJZ17 mine wagon material automatic tracking and management system is a set of industrial monitoring system used for mine underground vehicle identification and tracking management. The system widely uses modern computer control, field bus, wireless communication and other technologies to realize the organic combination of mine vehicle automatic identification, location tracking, material statistics, electronic handover, transportation statistics, parking time and other functions, providing reliable basis for mine safety, efficient production, scientific material allocation, and comprehensively improving the level of information and automation management.
KJZ20 Mine Integrated Automation System
16.The KJZ20 mine integrated automation system can effectively integrate the production condition information of all production links above and below the mine under heterogeneous conditions, and can organically integrate the data, voice and video of all subsystems, so that the dispatcher can conduct real-time monitoring and necessary control on the main link equipment of the whole mine safety production through the corresponding authority, and realize the data collection, process control, production scheduling. Decision making and command provide effective means for mine safety production, effective prevention and timely treatment of various emergencies and natural disasters.
The system can realize the comprehensive integration of the mine production process (mining, ventilation, lifting, power supply, transportation, drainage, safety, etc.), and has the functions of data acquisition, process control, production scheduling, decision-making and command of the whole mine.
KJZ33 Mine Locomotive and Vehicle Transportation Intelligent Dispatching and Command System
KJZ33 mine locomotive and vehicle transportation intelligent dispatching and command system aims at the characteristics of underground auxiliary transportation of mining enterprises. Based on the material transfer plan, combined with the complex underground transportation environment and priority, section blocking, stagger avoidance and other factors, through the design of locomotive and vehicle position tracking and moving block interlocking relationship, it realizes the intelligent dispatching of locomotive and vehicle, signal boarding, and traffic information guidance.
The system realizes the functions of vehicle position tracking, signal monitoring and transportation operation information interaction. The driver can send autonomous dispatching requests according to the transportation operation plan, and realize the visual control and autonomous dispatching decision-making functions under the mixed operation of ground rail locomotives, rail suspension locomotives and trackless rubber tired vehicles.
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