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HJ08A railway locomotive wireless operating system
HJ08A railway locomotive wireless operating system integrates many functions, such as wireless communication, locomotive information platform and plane shunting, and can be networked with the dispatching centralized system to provide a comprehensive solution for the railway locomotive and car operation process, and realize the real-time transmission of information from the dispatching center to the station, locomotive, driver, connection man, and other production links. It can also monitor locomotive operation status in real time. The system realizes the electronic monitoring, display and data playback of locomotive working process, and has the functions of signal boarding, operation plan boarding, plane shunting and locomotive safety operation.
GKI-33e Electronic Computer Interlocking System
GKI-33e fully electronic computer interlocking system is the key technical guarantee equipment for controlling the interlocking relationship between signals, turnouts and routes in railway stations and yards, as well as the core system for ensuring transportation safety and improving the passing capacity of rail transit railway lines and the compilation and decoding capacity of stations and yards. The system can ensure the safe and efficient operation of trains in railway stations and yards, and can be widely used in metallurgical, mining, petrochemical, port, electric power and other industrial railway plants and stations (including special lines and special railways). It has the advantages of high security, flexible system configuration, short construction period, large equipment capacity and so on.

▏First Prize of Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award
▏International highest safety integrity level SIL4 certificate
▏First set of major technical equipment in Anhui Province
▏Anhui Provincial Industrial Boutique
HJ05A Enterprise Station Centralized Dispatching System
2.HJ05A Enterprise Station Centralized Dispatching System is a set of computer integrated monitoring system used by dispatchers to control and supervise signal equipment and train operation status in the command center to realize centralized control of multiple stations. Based on the railway signal computer interlocking system and the railway logistics management system, the system further extends the functions of the centralized station dispatching system, generates shunting plans by dragging or intelligent triggering, automatically prearranges the signals and executes the plans, completes the management and control integration of plan preparation and signal opening, creates conditions for the post merger of watchman and signalman, and realizes the purpose of reducing staff and increasing efficiency of the enterprise.
The system is composed of the control center subsystem and each station subsystem, and each subsystem is connected into a control network through the network transmission channel. The whole system adopts LAN based on TCP/IP protocol and computerized distributed system structure. The dispatching centralized machine and communication front-end machine adopt dual machine hot standby redundancy setting. The transmission channel between the main nodes of the network adopts the dual channel design of main and standby to ensure the security and reliability of the system. The system has complex technology and high safety requirements, which can save a lot of human resources and greatly promote the reduction of production safety accident rate and improvement of operation efficiency. It provides technical support for the first level dispatching centralization, simplifies posts and improves efficiency, and provides the basis for unmanned railway transportation.
HJ06A Industrial Railway Dispatching Supervision System
HJ06A industrial railway dispatching supervision system is a new generation of distributed integrated dispatching supervision system for 6502 railway signal electric centralized system and various standard computer interlocking systems.
Aiming at the current situation of the original electric centralized system or computer interlocking system, the system uses advanced field bus technology and computer software technology to realize the status of signal equipment, train operation, real-time location of locomotives and vehicles in each railway station under the jurisdiction of the dispatching center through the status detection of signal monitoring execution equipment, monitoring of signal cable insulation status, and real-time collection of logistics data real-time supervision and management of goods distribution status.
The system adopts advanced acquisition technology, computer communication technology and software technology, and successfully applies the modular and plug, and play ideas to the signal acquisition design. It can adapt to the 6502 and computer interlocking system, and has simple wiring and convenient construction.
The system shows the actual operation of industrial railway transportation site, provides visual and comprehensive data analysis for railway transportation management and dispatching personnel at all levels, helps to improve the safety of railway transportation dispatching, creates a necessary condition for the integration of enterprise railway transportation management and control.
HJ07A Industrial Railway Logistics Management System
4.HJ07A industrial railway logistics management system uses intelligent software to automatically generate logistics data, and realizes the dynamic tracking and management of the location, status, operation process (including the uncoupling, coupling and decoding of hot metal car and torpedo tank car), starting and ending points of operation, operation time, materials transported and other information in the industrial railway station yard. It has the functions of operation progress prediction, vehicle forecast, existing vehicle information visualization and so on. At the same time, it can be interconnected with automatic train number identification system and locomotive wireless operation system to improve the automation level of enterprise railway transport business.
The system can also realize the operation management of enterprise railway transportation such as entering or leaving the factory, loading or unloading, vehicle scheduling and so on. The system can realize real-time statistical analysis of the transportation production process, generate visual reports, and provide decision-making basis for production scheduling.
HJ08B Railway Locomotive Operation Safety Control System
5.HJ08B railway locomotive operation safety control system is a set of industrial railway locomotive safety operation and commissioning equipment that can achieve accurate real-time tracking, train detection, accurate positioning, traffic scheduling, traffic safety monitoring and other functions for locomotives and their attached vehicles. Based on high-precision satellite positioning technology, UWB precise positioning technology, track circuit positioning technology, wireless communication technology, Internet of Things and other technologies, the system can achieve accurate real-time tracking and precise positioning of industrial railway locomotives and vehicles in the way of hardware detection, and realize wireless transmission of shunting plan, ground signal repetition and locomotive operation safety monitoring functions.
The system can effectively prevent the locomotive from overspeed and ensure that the locomotive stops before blocking-annunciator. It can reproduce locomotive operation conditions and locomotive operation paths in an intuitive form on the ground computer, providing a basis for analyzing the quality of locomotive operation, the quality of electrical equipment, and the quality of train dispatching, and helping the locomotive department to achieve modern management.
HJ12A Torpedo Tank Tracking Management System
6.HJ12A torpedo tank tracking management system realizes the position tracking of locomotive and torpedo tank through the combination of electronic tag and track circuit technology. The system can not only meet the real-time requirements of positioning and tracking, but also realize automatic matching of torpedo tank status, realizing the whole process information, automation and visualization of hot metal transportation and allocation. In view of the hot metal transportation switching process, the system takes the torpedo tank as the carrier, integrates data information such as iron making, steel making and metering, builds the interface between the torpedo tank tracking system and the iron steel MES system, and realizes the integration of the torpedo tank's iron receiving, switching transportation, and steel making and iron connection information. The application of the system can further reduce the heavy tank transportation time, reduce the temperature drop of molten iron, improve the turnover rate of the torpedo tank, and promote the iron steel balance.
GKS-37i Automatic Train Monitoring System
7.GKS-37i Automatic Train Supervision (referred as ATS) is responsible for the supervision, control and cooperative operation of all subsystems in the intelligent unmanned operation system of the entire industrial railway station yard. It is the core command system of industrial railway station yard intelligent human-computer interaction. It collects all dispatching instructions, equipment status and environmental information. After analysis and calculation on the unified platform, output control commands for fixed and mobile equipment, including command of locomotive start-stop and operation, vehicle coupling, signal control and crossing control. The system also has the operation safety protection function. In the process of automatically handling the operation route, in addition to checking the traditional signal interlocking relationship, it also checks the preset unmanned operation conditions, so as to improve efficiency and ensure production safety. The system can effectively manage logistics, vehicles and locomotives, and conduct data interaction with the manufacturing execution system (MES), measurement system and inspection/testing system of each production process, so as to realize the informalization, automation and visualization of the whole process of industrial railway transportation deployment, which is of great significance for the safe and effective realization of intelligent unmanned operation in industrial railway stations. The system has passed the independent safety assessment of the internationally authoritative third party certification authority, TÜV Rheinland Group of Germany, and has obtained the international safety level SIL2 certificate, which marks that the company has made a new breakthrough in the field of automatic train operation monitoring technology, and has built and realized the deep integration and engineering application of the signal system, rolling stock, logistics management, and intelligent dispatching in the industrial railway.
Hot Metal Transportation
8.The intelligent unmanned operation system of hot metal transportation is based on artificial intelligence and industrial Internet of Things technology, with the full electronic computer interlocking system and automatic train protection system as the security support, the system adopts the technology of accurate train positioning, environmental obstacle identification and detection, automatic train driving control, automatic vehicle programming, intelligent dispatching strategy, big data, cloud computing and other technologies. On the basis of the supervision, control and coordinated operation of all transport equipment in the railway station, the system realizes the automatic dispatching, command and operation of trains with the functions of autonomous driving and remote control, realizes the intelligent unmanned operation of hot metal transportation, and promotes the leap forward of metallurgical enterprises' hot metal transportation from traditional digitization to intelligent and automatic development. It plays a great role in improving the railway transportation efficiency of metallurgical enterprises and ensuring safe production.
Intelligent Maintenance
9.The intelligent maintenance cloud service system uses machine learning based on big data mining technology to conduct equipment fault diagnosis and health management on the ground industrial railway signal control and intelligent dispatching products and the mine underground narrow gauge signal control and intelligent dispatching products built by the company in the fields of mining, metallurgy, port, petrochemical and electric power by building an intelligent maintenance cloud service platform in gocom. The system collects the detailed operation status of each system in real time, establishes a big data analysis platform, monitors the health status of the system using in real-time, and provides the industrial railway system intelligent maintenance cloud service to users across the country, provides the system health analysis query service to users across the country, analyses and predicts the potential faults of the user's system, reminding the user to carry out preventive maintenance. In case of failure, it can quickly conduct online analysis and diagnosis, solve the problem in time, and repair the system in time to resume normal operation. All of them can give full play to the user's utility. At the same time, the service system can conduct data mining in the big data platform, excavate the design defects of the original product, form improvement suggestions, provide data support for later product upgrading, and promote product improvement.

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