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Hefei Gocom Information Technology Co.,Ltd

Hefei Gocom  Information Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "GOCOM", 688367.SH), founded in 2001 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange Science and Technology Innovation Board in June 2021, is a leading professional provider of railway signal control and safety dispatch, intelligent mine solutions, and value-added service provider of industrial Internet platform in China. Since its establishment, the company has always carried out product research and development with railway signal safety integrity technology, fail-proof design technology and industrial AI technology as the core, and maintained the domestic leading level, committed to making railways and mines safer, more efficient and more intelligent.
The company is engaged in the manufacturing of railway signal control system and intelligent mine monitoring equipment, as well as the research and development of related scheduling, monitoring and management systems, and value-added services of industrial Internet platform, covering the whole process services such as technical consulting, program design, software development, product development, manufacturing, operation and maintenance. To provide users with unique signal interlocking, scheduling and control integration, intelligent logistics management, mine locomotive driverless, mine intelligent assisted transportation, moving target accurate positioning and management system products and services, widely used in metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, port, electric power and other pillar industries of the national economy. It plays an important role in improving the transportation safety and efficient production of railways and mines, and its performance covers 31 domestic provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and enters the international market.


Listed company on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange


National specialized, delicate, unique and new small giant enterprise


National innovative enterprise


National intellectual property standard enterprise


National High-tech Enterprise


Industrial Internet Pilot Demonstration Project Unit of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology


Excellent Solution Unit for Industrial Internet APP of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technologye


Top 20 Information Technology Enterprises in the Coal Industry

  • 2001


  • 2000

    number of stations

  • 10


    serviced industry


Highly reliable and safe product system

1. Gocom has formed a core technology system with complete independent intellectual property rights, represented by railway signal safety integrity technology and anti-explosion design technology, and has established a scientific and strict product safety design system. The core products have passed the tests and certification of many international and domestic authoritative certification organasition, such as TÜV, and have obtained many qualification certificates, such as SIL, MA, KA, EX, 3C and so on.

Numerous industry applications

▏Applied in 9 of top 10 domestic iron and steel groups

▏Applied in 7 of top 10 domestic port groups

▏Applied in 7 of top 10 coal mine groups

▏Applied in 8 of top 10 domestic metallurgical mining groups

Professional R&D team

The company has always focused on the field of industrial railway signal control and intelligent dispatching, adhered to the concept of taking market demand as enterprise development, and cultivated a professional research and development team with rich industry experience, strong independent innovation ability, and cross application of multiple disciplines and technologies.

Leading technical level

As a national postdoctoral research workstation, a nationally recognized engineering research center and other supporting units, the company has undertaken more than 10 national major science and technology projects, presided over and mainly participated in the formulation of a number of national standards, won more than 10 national, provincial and ministerial important science and technology awards, a number of "national key new products", "the first major technical equipment in the energy field", and mastered independent core technologies.



Wei Zhen

graduated from Hefei University of Technology with a doctorate degree in computer application technology

  • He has long been committed to the research of key technologies in the fields of national industrial railway signal control and intelligent dispatching. He presided over a number of major national scientific research projects, achieving a number of innovative results, while winning 1 second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 first prize of National Work Safety Scientific and Technological Achievements, 1 National Information Industry Major Technology Invention, 1 China Patent Excellence Award, 4 First Prizes of Anhui Science and Technology Progress, 3 scientific and technological monographs, presiding over or participating in the formulation of national standards 6 items.

Wei Zhen's achievements in scientific and technological work were commended by the party and the government. In August 2019, he was invited by the Party Central Committee and the State Council to participate in Beidaihe vacation activities, while 58 experts were cordially received by the party and state leaders. In 2021, as the representative of national advanced models, he participated in the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party.

Chairman's speech

  • Gocom personnel know that today is today, while tomorrow is tomorrow. Only have the awareness of being prepared for danger in times of peace, can we have a continuous development.

  • Gocom personnel know the reason for the success is reaching others first, then gaining self, embracing the world finally. Therefore, they advocate surpassing themselves and achieving harmony together.

  • Gocom personnel always remember that water can carry a boat, and can also overturn the boat. The customer is the water to us. 

Chairman's speech

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