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Taking GKI-33e full electronic computer interlocking system as the leading product, based on the industrial Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology, gocom deeply integrates the industrial railway signal control and intelligent dispatching technology, and takes the lead in establishing and realizing the comprehensive technical system of signal control full electronic interlocking and train operation safety protection, automatic generation and implementation of dispatching plans, automatic logistics tracking and intelligent management and control in the industry.

With the KJ293 (A) mining rail transport monitoring system as the core, by building a multi network high-speed information transmission channel under the mine, using advanced industrial Internet of Things technology, on the basis of the mine integrated automation platform, target identification, moving track tracking, interlocking collaborative control, running state monitoring, flow process management, equipment information interaction, remote information release and other functions are integrated to achieve comprehensive safety monitoring and information management of mine moving targets under the unified technical platform. The system reserves 5G interfaces, which can be seamlessly integrated into the 5G system in the future.


Since 2002, the company has been developing business in the field of education informatization, adhering to the mission of "making the world smarter and making life better", committed to the construction of wisdom in China, and determined to be a leading integrated solution and service provider of wisdom.
The company focuses on smart city information fusion models, standards and key technologies, takes smart city data fusion platform as the core, and provides comprehensive solutions such as smart buildings, smart parks, safe cities, intelligent transportation, smart heat networks, and enterprise interconnection for government, energy, public security, enterprises and other industry users, so as to make "cities smarter". At the same time, relying on its own wisdom research Institute, with the smart industry incubation fund as the starting point, it has incubated Internet +, AI cloud platform and other products, and its solutions are widely used in many industries and cities, and successfully serve major projects in higher education and vocational education in Anhui, constantly improve the technological innovation and research and development system, and build a smart city.

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